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Edwel Yusri Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam was born in Bukittingi, Indonesian on 6-July-1963. He started training Silat at the age of 10 from His grandfather, Dina Sutan Mangkuto.
Dina Sutan Mangkuto wanted Datuk Edwel to learn The art of Silat Harimau
He did not directly teach Datuk Edwel the art of Silat Harimau. He taught Datuk Edwel the fundamentals of striking, stepping (langkah), kicking, and falling.
After seeing that Datuk Edwel has mastered the fundamentas, he told Datuk Edwel to further his studies with other Silat teachers.
Over the years Datuk Edwel studied from various teachers in West Sumatra. He learned Sidi Bakar of Perguruan Baringin Merapi, Enek Zainal, Pak Gaek Lintau, Datuk Kurai, and a few other Silat teachers.
After moving to Jakarta to pursue his undergraduate degree , Datuk Edwel became a Silat instructor for the Perguruan Satria Muda Indonesia. He trained the Indonesian Army (KOSTRAD YON 328 and Rajawali Commando Regiment) for 2 years. He also trained  the student regiment of University Indonesia and private security guards for a private television company in Jakarta.
In July 2001, Edwel became a Datuk in accordance with the tradition and ritual of Balingka, in the district of Agam, West Sumatera. Thus, he is entitled to be called Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam.
Datuk Edwel has co-authored a book with the M. Hariardi Anwar (Secretary General of PERSILAT), titled Silat Harimau. Furthermore, Datuk Edwel serve as the fight choreographer for the Indonesian martial arts movie titled Merantau.
Currently Datuk Edwel taches Silat Harimau in Jakarta, Indonesia. He teaches a group of dedicated students from Indonesia and abroad. He welcomes those who are interested to learn the art of Silat Harimau Minangkabau. He asks those who seek to learn come with an open mind and good intention to learn Silat.

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