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Silek/Silat Harimau Minangkabau is a traditional Pencak Silat style (Indonesian Martial arts) that originated from the Padang or Minangkabau region of Indonesia.  The word Harimau means Tiger in the Indonesian language. Therefore, Silat Harimau Minang techniques depict the movements and philosophy of the tiger.  Silat Harimau Minangkabau contains a vast array of kicks, strikes, locks, counters, ground fighting, and weapons. 
One of the characteristics of Silat Harimau exponents is the use of the open hand techniques that mimics the claw of the tiger.  This enables the Silat Harimau exponents to seize and lock their opponents. In many cases, the locking and seizing techniques of Silat Harimau is followed by taking the opponent to the ground.
Perguruan Silat Harimau upholds the traditional method. However, it continues to evolve and grow to meet the changing times. It offers an effective self defense method, fitness, personal growth, and a way to preserve the traditional Indonesian culture.

The Perguruan Silat Harimau Minangkabau is headed by Edwel Yusri Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam. The art taught is based on Datuk Edwels extensive study of Silat Minang from verious teachers in Minangkabau, Indonesia.

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